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India is one of the few emerging markets in the world which offers high prospects for growth and earning potential in practically all areas of business.

Over one billion population, millions of potential customers, free movement of trade between the states and an investor friendly atmosphere are the key factors positioning India as the most attractive investment destination in the world.

Investment Entry

Automatic Route - a flexible route, which allows investment without any prior approval of the Government of India. The only requirement is that the investor has to notify the Reserve Bank of India within 30 days of receipt of inward remittance. The foreign Exchange can be brought through normal banking channel.

Government Approval Route - All investment Proposals which are not covered under the Automatic Route require prior approval from the Government. The procedure for such permission are based on a transparent guidelines.

Commencing business in India

Foreign companies can commence operation in India by incorporating wholly owned subsidiaries or Joint Ventures with an Indian Company subject to sectoral foreign equity caps and procedure.

Foreign companies can also set up liaison office (representative office), branch office and project office in India for permitted activities subject to the Rules.

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